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Ledgermatic Launches Push To Modernise Corporate Treasury For The Digital Asset Economy

The team behind Custody Digital, the digital market infrastructure specialists, today announces the launch of Ledgermatic, a push to modernise corporate treasury solutions. The Ledgermatic tools will integrate seamlessly with existing banking and ERP software to allow users to manage traditional and digital assets together and to unlock liquidity from both types of assets through one portal. It will help financial organisations future-proof their corporate treasury services, in order to remain compliant and profitable.

A Digital Euro and the Implications for Treasury

The European Central Bank is mid-way through a six-month consultation examining the case for creating a digital euro. The introduction of an electronic form of central bank money accessible to all citizens and companies reflects the ECB’s bid to stay ahead in the fast-changing world of digital currencies and payments and could have important implications for treasury.

Corporate Treasuries Are Figuring Out Bitcoin on the Balance Sheet

Digital assets, in one form or another, are making their way into big business.

The headline-grabbing version of this is straight-up BTC on the balance sheet, a renegade charge being led by MicroStrategy (MSYTR) CEO Michael Saylor, who is known for warning corporates that capital in fiat is being debased.

How Digital Assets Could Reshape The Future Of Corporate Treasury

Digital assets are no longer a futuristic pipe dream in modern economy. With more emerging use cases and an increasingly accepting regulatory landscape, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in new areas of the market, and corporate treasurers want in.

Yet for finance leaders of the enterprise, adoption of digital assets poses plenty of risks and challenges, not least of all the inability for their current treasury infrastructures to manage crypto in an integrated and compliant way.

Ledgermatic, Algorand Work On Corporate Blockchain

Ledgermatic, which works on treasury tools to help corporates use digital assets, is working with Algorand as its blockchain protocol partner, according to a Tuesday (Feb. 23) press release.

In addition, the release noted Ledgermatic has received funding from venture capital firm Borderless Capital.

Algorand is set to form the basis of the protocol layer for Ledgermatic, allowing the company’s enterprise clients on-chain and cross-chain asset movements from its permission-secured network to Algorand’s public one.


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