Upgrade your treasury

Digital Treasury
Management Solutions
for Enterprise & Institutions

Ledgermatic provides the lowest cost global
payment routes and a full suite of liquidity, risk and
finance products denominated in digital assets.

Our Platorm

Leveraging our sophisticated financial controls platform and proprietary key
management schemes, Finance & Treasury teams can now build, deploy,
integrate and account for digital assets in their operations.

Global Payments

Build and deploy inter, intra and counterparty payment corridors using any digital assets. Mint and use your own internal Treasury Token as a stablecoin payment mechanism, pegged to any asset or balance within your organisation.


Use Ledgermatic's native custody service for 3rd party holdings, long term investments and/or collateral requirements.

Risk Management

Build granular policies, enforce with advanced financial controls and reporting. Manage price fluctuations programmatically. Cryptographically prove every decision and transaction. ISO, SOCII, MIFID II compliant global infrastructure

Accounting & Reconciliation

Build a General Ledger and Chart of Accounts on top of your digital asset operations.


Coming Soon ... connectivity to select Centralized Exchange providers.

Cash Management

Benefit from instant cash positions, cryptographically proven, on a real time basis. Build cash forecasting models across FIAT and digital assets. Reduce working capital cycles with internal, redeemable payment tokens and digital asset credit.



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